2018 Kick Off - Fashion/Tech networking, drinks and discussion.

What a start to 2018!

Wednesday 24th of January we hosted an event (proudly sponsored by Arkade) in which we had 40 people attend! Coming off the back of the last successful event I hosted back in 2017, I wasn't sure if we could top it a second time around but you all smashed it - I hope you had as much fun as I did meeting everyone and enjoying some good food and wine.

For those who couldn't attend, you missed out (it's alright, there's more events in the future).

A quick recap of the night went like this:

- An intro into Fashion/Tech, what we have planned for the next couple of months such as our White Night event here --> http://bit.ly/2nkjhxO

- Fashion and the Blockchain by Gendry Morales ( Slides here: https://www.slideshare.net/GendryMorales/fashionblockchain )

Gendry is a massive source of knowledge for anything technical, she gave us a little insight into how Blockchain works and what this could mean for fashion. Gendry also introduced us into a few use-case-scenarios where it was actually being used. Super cool!

- Lee the Founder/CEO of Brauz who spoke about the birth of his company ( https://brauz.com )

Brauz combines Fashion/Tech (which is what we're all about). Lee gave us a bit of insight into how Brauz came about from his previous job and how he saw a new market emerge. He spoke about some early struggles including having to scrap code and start again, how Brauz works and where they see Brauz going.


Everyone jumped up and made connections straight away, we originally planned to have some speed networking to get people talking but as it turns out we didn't need to push too hard. Networking and general chats about this emerging industry went on for hours, so long in fact we had to kick everyone out at the end! (We ended up at a bar after with the clingers (I was very much a clinger and the last person to leave (I went to bed at 2am that night ( I'm not sorry for all these brackets)))).

Thankyou to everyone who came and Arkade (https://www.arkade.com.au/) for hosting.
See you all at the next one,


Corey + Sara