Breakfast of champions in St Kilda.

Breakfast of champions in St Kilda.


Sara Walker

After completing my Bachelor of Design at Whitehouse Institute of Design in Melbourne, where I finished as valedictorian I went on to complete internships in trend forecasting, PR and wholesale buying. I have worked within the fashion, property, technology and hospitality industries in various roles across marketing, strategy, interior design and fit-out, visual merchandising and graphic design.

I look to design thinking and human centered design methods in all aspects of my work to ensure the results are fit for the humans using them. I recently lead the introduction of a design practice in my work place that included creating a strategy to not only apply the design practice to our existing model but to extend it as an additional revenue stream for the business.

My creative approach is to generate evidence for my decision making through assessing options that meet the viability, desirability and feasibility model ensuring that both the business and their customers will get the best possible outcome.  

For me, creative strategy is about giving the people what they want when they haven't yet realised they want it. Be innovative, be ahead of the pack and above all be memorable.





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